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Internet Society releases case study on NICTEF’s Multistakeholder Process

Internet Society published a case study entitled A Multi-Stakeholder Model in ICT Policymaking: Case Study from the Philippines in November 2019.

In the drafting of the National ICT Ecosystem Framework (NICTEF), the DICT has formed partnership with Internet Society Asia Pacific Bureau (ISOC APAC) to adopt an inclusive multistakeholder approach in its planning and development process. This was formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding signed last July 05, 2018.

The multistakeholder approach seeks for the active participation of all relevant sectors such as the government, private sector, academe, and the civil society in policymaking to ensure that the viewpoint and interest of all bodies are given due consideration.

With the aid of ISOC’s extensive expertise in global multistakeholder approach, the DICT has successfully conducted focus group discussions, writeshop, regional consultations, and surveys to provide various platforms to engage its stakeholders. These initiatives served as avenue for the DICT to gather significant and diverse inputs ensuring that NICTEF is comprehensive and responsive to the needs of the general public.

The best practices and lessons learned throughout these endeavors have been examined and laid out by ISOC in the case study. A copy of the document is accessible and downloadable through this link.


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